HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Gets “Welcome Back” From Netflix’s ‘House Of Cards’

Talk about game recognizing Game – literally and figuratively. With Game Of Thrones returning for a fourth season tonight, the blood drenched and court politics HBO drama got a social media shout out from another show that may not have as deep a body count but is no stranger to power plays itself. Netflix’s House Of Cards tweeted a “Welcome back” to the cable blockbuster today with some witty photoshopping of its own. While it is unusual for one show to give such a greeting to a rival, there is no doubt the Peabody Awards winning HoC just got a GOT boost from the connection and stuck in a playful dig  – as HoC said in the tweet “Let the best House win.” The next question is, will we be seeing a Red Wedding  D.C. style in HoC’s Season 3?

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