Screenvision Will Urge Advertisers To Consider Movies As A “Weekend Daypart”

Movie theater owners who want to fill seats every night might grumble at the new campaign by the No. 2 exhibition ad sales company. But the terminology makes sense since Screenvision, at its upfront presentation tonight in NYC, wants to make the case for advertisers to take some of the cash they’ve earmarked for TV and spend it at movie theaters. The company will say that the audience it reaches in more than 2,200 locations is the equivalent of a 4.4 weekly rating among 18- to 49-year-olds, making it similar to a top 10 TV show. And 70% of its audience goes to the movies on weekends. “With people going to the movies more than 1.34 billion times in 2013, coupled with the negative effect of fragmentation on other media, we are providing a highly coveted offering in today’s marketplace,” Screenvision CEO Travis Reid says. The company also will announce that it has deepened its relationship with Entertainment News Television (ENTV) — owned by Deadline parent Penske Media Corporation — and with Defy Media. Both supply short-form programming for Screenvision’s pre-movie offerings.

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