CAA Signs ‘Fanboy’ Scribe Ernest Cline

ernieEXCLUSIVE: Ernest Cline, the scribe behind the Black List script Fanboys and author of the bestselling cult novel Ready Player One, has signed with CAA.

Cline broke in with Fanboys, which reflected his own obsession with Star Wars. He became branded in geek lore by following with the futuristic Ready Player One, whose premise was reflected in the deal Facebook made buying virtual reality company Oculus for $2 billion. In the novel, most of the world escapes the real world on a daily basis by logging into the Oasis, a globally networked and fully immersive virtual utopia. Once they put on the virtual reality goggles and gloves, users lead idyllic lives. It changes society, to the point where many abandon the real world. Warner Brothers acquired the screen rights to Ready Player One, with Donald De Line and Dan Farah producing.

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