Editors Note: Clarifying Allison Hope Weiner’s Mel Gibson Article

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I commissioned veteran investigative journalist Allison Hope Weiner to write an opinion piece on how she evolved from critical reporting of Mel Gibson’s verbal indiscretions and into a friend who made a case for him being given another chance in Hollywood on the 10th anniversary of The Passion of The Christ. She dropped her objectivity for the first time in her career, and delivered a provocative opinion piece that garnered 870 comments, all over the map. After, some reports alleged she should have disclosed that Gibson’s Icon was a seed investor in Thelip.tv, an Internet company where she hosts two shows, and where Gibson’s son, Will, is a former employee. Deadline has evaluated the situation. I stand behind her piece completely, but we decided our readers deserve transparency. Had I known about this tie, I would have asked Allison to weave it into her piece. But I didn’t know, and so I have invited Allison to explain. (more…)

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