David Letterman Busts McCain For Lying

UPDATE: More Letterman About McCain Thursday…

Let me explain before you watch the 9-minute YouTube footage (below): I’ve just been told that on David Letterman’s Late Show tonight, the talk show host caught John McCain in a big fat lie as to why the GOP candidate cancelled tonight’s appearance. (Hint: it involves Katie Couric.) Here’s what happened: about 90 minutes before the Letterman taping, McCain’s people phoned to say he was suspending his campaign because of the financial crisis and racing to the airport to get back to Washington DC, so had to scrub Dave’s show. (post continues below)

I’m told the senator himself called Letterman to explain, “I have to go back and fix the economy. I’m going to get on a plane now and go.” The show scrambled and at the last minute booked Keith Olbermann. When it was time for tonight’s taping, Letterman explained to the cameras why McCain was a no-show and even had nice things to say about the guy. That is, until the behind the scenes people in The Late Show control room were shocked to see a live feed of McCain being miked in Katie Couric’s CBS News studio at the same time he was supposed to be in Dave’s studio. Letterman was informed of this during the commercial break, and, when the show came back, ordered the control room to cut to the live McCain/Couric feed. Then Letterman bashed McCain for not being honest. “He doesn’t seem to be racing back to the airport, does he?” Letterman asked the audience.

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