Actor Michael J. Fox vs Rush Limbaugh; Could It Be About Nixon And Reagan?

I don’t see how Republicans, through their radio pit bull Rush Limbaugh, thought they could win with the electorate by impugning the integrity of one of the most beloved TV and movie actors, Michael J. Fox, now afflicted from Parkinson’s Disease. Have they forgotten that this little guy played a rabid right-winger on his megahit TV series, Family Ties? Of course, by now, everyone knows that Fox appeared in a political ad for Democrat candidate Claire McCaskill in her tight race for Missouri’s U.S. Senate seat because allowing stem cell research is an issue close to the ailing actor’s heart. But then Limbaugh questioned whether Fox was truly shaking or just acting in the 30-second TV spot. UPDATE: *Michael J. Fox responded today on CBS: “The notion that you could calculate for effect … People out there with Parkinson’s are going, ‘Would that we could.'”* Meanwhile, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out why the GOP and its loudmouth surrogate would slander Fox (much less think this was a reasonable strategy). I may have a clue. The actor starred as Marty McFly in Back to the Future II where, in one version of 1985, a newspaper reports: “Nixon to Seek Fifth Term”. But when the real year was restored, the Nixon article changed to “Reagan to Seek Second Term; No Republican Challengers Expected”. The Great Communicator, a one-time Democrat, then Republican, and changed back to a DEMOCRAT? Unthinkable.

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