Sources: Acme Talent & Literary Merging

This is the same tenpercentery that starred in Fight For Fame, a 2005 E! Entertainment Television contest show for wannabe actors. First there were rumors circulating last week that Acme Talent and Literary had never recovered from the writers strike and was laying off most of its staff. Not true. It’s true that Acme let go the entire adult theatrical division 2 years ago, and they were forced to lose a moneymaker, print agent Tag Turner, several months ago. Recently, the agency did lay off about 5 people and merge its print division (clients include non-union actors and models) with JLA talent agency. Before the end of this year, I understand Acme as a whole will be merging with another tenpercentery, most likely TalentWorks. Acme’s president Adam Lieblein will be getting out of the business for personal reasons.

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