UPDATE: Viacom Offers 100% 'Tintin' Financing To Spielberg & Jackson Duo


TOLDJA! I broke the news last Monday that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson were dialing for dollars now that Universal had declined to exercise an option to co-finance the family movie Tintin set to begin filming in October with Spielberg directing. (Weirdly, both the Los Angeles Times and Radar waited five days to weigh in, and then ridiculously claimed how this was such a setback for Steven and Peter.) 

Back to my own reporting. I’m told Spielberg and Jackson began looking other places for the money, and had just talked to Walden Media. But the pair were still waiting to hear back from Paramount (which hadn’t yet passed, contrary to what Radar wrote). Now my sources say parent company Viacom just offered the bigtime directors 100% Tintin financing. So it’s Spielberg/Jackson’s turn to get back to Paramount with a yea or nay.

So those other media were both out-of-date and dead wrong.

Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson ‘Tintin’ Movie Now Looking For More Cash Cash

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