FilmNation Scores Sci-Fi Thriller Spec ‘Aether’

EXCLUSIVE: Just when it seemed we might see a week without a big spec script auction, FilmNation Entertainment just landed Aether, and will produce, finance and handle worldwide sales on the sci-fi thriller written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns. FilmNation is moving quickly, already looking for a director for the British writer’s script. Plot details are currently being kept under wraps. “I’m astounded by the level of talent and inventiveness we’ve come across from such a young voice,” said FilmNation production president Aaron Ryder. “We’re terribly excited to produce this film. We’re also anxious to learn how to pronounce its title!”

Wilson-Cairns initially developed the script with her UK agent and then wrote on spec. It was brought in by FilmNation director of development Patrick Chu. Ryder, along with EVP Karen Lunder, will shepherd the project. The deal was done by FilmNation’s Alison Cohen and United Agents’ Marnie Podos and attorney Tara S. Kole. (more…)

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