Hot Featurette: ‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ Composer Junkie XL’s Piano Creation

EXCLUSIVE: In the world of film score composition, musician-composers usually resort to Avid’s Pro Tools and plug-ins. As a pianist-composer myself and a lover of film scores, I found this quite innovative from 300: Rise Of An Empire composer Tom Holkenborg, known as Junkie XL. He is a former Dutch producer-engineer and former DJ and multi-instrumentalist who took apart a piano and re-purposed it to create the sounds of 300. He is not unlike Harry Partch who began making his own instruments in an experiment to generate different sounds in the 1940s to the late 1960s and was very interested in pre-classical, in particular the music of ancient Greece. Junkie XL also did the music on the upcoming film, Divergent. Have a look:

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