Who You Gonna Call? Sandy Litvack?

Sandy Litvack used to be one of Michael Eisner’s most trusted advisers at the Walt Disney Co. He’s now one of the U.S. government’s. That’s because the Justice Department has hired the Century City lawyer with Hogan & Hartson as an outside consultant on a possible federal antitrust challenge to Google’s proposed partnership with Yahoo. (Among other things, there are fears it could drive up ad rates.) Litvack was antitrust boss under President Jimmy Carter, then in 1991 joined Disney where his principal job after the death of Frank Wells was to follow Eisner around with a shovel. After leaving Disney when Eisner did, Litvack headed a commission created by Congress to consider changes to U.S. antitrust law. In 2004, Litvack found himself a star witness in that lawsuit brought by shareholders against Disney and Michael Ovitz over the ex-agent’s brief but disastrous tenure. But Litvack’s absurdist trial testimony defending Eisner and Ovitz stretched the truth by alot. It’s too bad that what happens in Hollywood stays in Hollywood.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2008/09/who-ya-gonna-call-sandy-litvack-6910/