CBS Renews People's Choice Awards: But How Will That Affect The Upstart Paleys?

CBS today said that it will bring back the People’s Choice Awards on January 5th with Mark Burnett returning as executive producer and Queen Latifah as host. For CBS, which also recently renewed the Tonys for next year, this means extending another one of its long-running awards franchises. But this year, all awards show deals are being put under a microscope as the Primetime Emmy Awards are looking for a new home. Meanwhile, the upstart Paleys, the recently announced TV awards by the Paley Center For The Media whose inaugural show is set for May 2012, are looking for a network too.  While the Paleys are often positioned as a rival to the Emmys, some call them “thinly-veiled People’s Choice Awards” because viewers will be able to vote in some way on the Paleys as they will “engage the public in the selection process,” according to the Paley Center. Of course, the People’s Choice Awards include film and music categories too, but the Paleys won’t limit the show only to TV either as it is designed to “celebrate video programming across platforms”. As for reality series producer Burnett, it feels like he is spending more and more time on awards shows these days between the People’s Choice Awards and the MTV Movie Awards.

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