OSCARS: ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’ Featurette

For the first time, all Oscar voters have been sent all five of the nominated Foreign Language films by the Academy, and all members are now eligible to vote without having to prove they have seen the films in a theatre — or that they have even seen all five. Of course the Academy hopes they will. Among the nominees  — which include Italy’s The Great Beauty, Denmark’s The Hunt, Palestine’s Omar and Cambodia’s The Missing Picture — the real dark horse in the race could be Belgium’s The Broken Circle Breakdown which mixes bluegrass music and an emotional love affair in a foreign picture tinged with American culture. It’s unlike any of the other foreign-language entries this year, so it’s no surprise it made the cut. Director Felix van Groeningen’s  film is currently in theatres and VOD and the DVD releases March 11th. Here’s an exclusive look at the featurette:

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