Brian Williams Critiques Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Set

Following a report on North Koreans “living in the midst of a modern-day Hitler” (Kim Jon-un), a report on a plane hijacking, and another on today’s American results from Sochi, NBC Nightly News turned over a chunk of tonight’s broadcast to a plug for the launch of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During the course of the news segment, viewers learned that Fallon is “just excited and it’s starting to sink in now, like wow — I can see everything now, it’s actually going to happen.” We heard a snippet of the new Tonight theme song and saw a cute picture of Fallon’s daughter, Winnie. Interviewer Brian Williams explained 30 Rock will infuse Tonight with a certain something it did not enjoy in Burbank, and Fallon let us know his show will be shot in the same studio from which Johnny Carson and Jack Paar broadcast back in the day. Then Fallon took Williams for a tour of the new set — except Williams’ cameras were not allowed in, so viewers could only hear Williams and Fallon talking behind closed doors. “I can’t believe you’ve done this all in pink,” Williams said. “And why the urinal?”

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