Jesse Eisenberg Short Stories Land Publishing Deal

Grove Atlantic will publish the tentatively titled collection Bream Gives Me Hiccups: And Other Stories from actor and playwright Jesse Eisenberg in spring 2015, the publishing house said today. The book will include pieces Eisenberg has written for the New Yorker and McSweeney’s as well as never-before-published stories. The title comes from a series of stories Eisenberg wrote from the point of view of a 9-year-old boy whose mother brings him to expensive LA restaurants so she can bill her ex-husband for the meals. Other stories imagine discussions in ancient Pompeii just before the volcanic eruption, explore post-gender-normative dating in NYC, and chart a marriage counselor’s heckling at a Knicks game. “In different ways, the stories explore what it means to be navigating the modern world, and are all illuminated by Eisenberg’s ironic wit and gift for writing,” Grove Atlantic said in the release announcing the deal, which was brokered by his agency CAA. (more…)

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