OSCARS: Capturing Chaos On The High Seas With ‘Captain Phillips’ Sound Editor Oliver Tarney

Oliver Tarney has the distinction of having worked as the sound editor on two films that were nominated for Best Picture this year: Captain Phillips and Philomena. He was nominated for Best Achievement in Sound Editing on Sony’s Captain Phillips. Having started as a musician, which gave him a keen ear and appreciation of sound design, Tarney faced numerous challenges with a project shot on water and using characters of a unique dialogue. The film is about Somali pirates who commandeer an American vessel captained by Richard Phillips, played by Tom Hanks. Foreign dialogue, rushing ocean water, the ominous blip from the sonar screen, a small skiff slapping against the waves as it rockets towards the lumbering cargo ship, the scream of the outboard motor to hushed and frightened conversation from the crew in the ship’s creaking hull, automatic gunfire ricocheting, the metallic sound of the ladder being hurled onto the ship for the pirates to climb aboard, and ultimately taking Phillips captive in a cramped module of the lifeboat that splashes into the water and out to sea. All of these sound elements helped build the suspense of Captain Phillips.

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