SAG Election: Membership First's Jo Beth Williams Replies To Unite For Strength

MF’s Jo Beth Williams has asked me to post this reply to U4S leader Ned Vaughn per my, SAG Election: ‘Unite For Strength’ Slate Releases ‘Membership First’ Emails:

“When the issue of Qualified/Affected Voting was brought to my attention several months ago, I was interested in knowing more about it. I had always been concerned with what I perceive as a conflict of interest when S.A.G. members who make their living as producers, with active production companies, are allowed to vote on S.A.G. contracts. But after taking a considerable amount of time vetting the issue, I came to the conclusion that Qualified/Affected Voting would not be appropriate for S.A.G. members, given the ups and downs of the actor’s life. To disenfranchise so many,  just to exclude so few, is not fair and would diminish the strength of our union. This is one of the reasons I fully support Martin Sheen’s August 21st letter to the membership.”
JoBeth Williams
Screen Actors Guild National Board Member

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