Now Bond Plays Xmas Release Date Game

UPDATE: Universal late today moved the Paul Rudd-Seam William Scott comedy Role Models from November 14th to November 7th because Bond moved from November 7th to November 14.

I usually leave announcements of movies changing dates to the trades. But it’s interesting how the pushback of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince to 2009 has had such a ping-pong effect on this coming holiday’s North American release schedule. Not only did Summit Entertainment’s Twilight move up into Harry‘s vacated slot of November 21st, but now Sony/MGM’s James Bond No. 22, Quantum Of Solace, has moved back a week. Sony said today: “We believe November 14th is a great date that allows us to play straight through Thanksgiving and right into Christmas. The Bond films have a long history of entertaining audiences in this holiday corridor going back to Goldeneye in 1995. The studio enjoyed tremendous success opening Casino Royale in North America on November 17, 2006.” Quantum of Solace begins its worldwide roll out on October 31st. Unrelated to Harry, UA’s Valkyrie has moved up from Presidents Weekend 2009 to December 26th (because, when moviegoers think Christmas, they think Nazis…). And Sony moved Will Smith’s Seven Pounds back a week to December 19th, prompting Paramount to slide The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button to Christmas.

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