FilmOn X Wants In On U.S. Supreme Court Case Over Aereo

Alki David‘s streaming service “merely seeks to participate in the briefing and oral argument” at the high court it says in a motion to intervene. The main reason: Courts have enjoined FilmOn X from offering over-the-air broadcast signals via the Internet, but have not put a similar restriction on Aereo. FilmOn X is appealing the decisions from the Ninth Circuit and the D.C. Circuit. Still, it says, “Aereo has an incentive to leave injunctions against its primary competitor intact and may not adequately represent FilmOn X’s interests before this Court.” The company adds that it doesn’t want to delay the case. Broadcasters say that Aereo and FilmOn infringe on their copyrights by profiting from their programming, without paying a license fee. The companies counter that they simply lease antennas and other technologies that consumers clearly have a right to use to watch the local station programming for free.

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