Fox International Gets Into Spy Game With Spec ‘The Forger’

EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood loves material about the CIA. Fox International Productions  is the fiplatest to scoop up a spec script about spies with The Forgera story about an ex-CIA forger who is living in Istanbul and must return to the world of espionage when his former agency handler turns up dead and a female Iranian intelligence agent needs to defect to the West. As time ticks away, the forger must rely on all he has learned to get her out of the country, only to find that there is more to her than he initially realized. The project, in the vein of Bourne Supremacy, will be directed by Tolga Ornek (Labyrinth) and was written by newcomer Alex Allrich (so, hey, welcome to the WGA, Alex). It will be produced by Lou Pitt, Paul Schiff and co-produced by Tai Duncan. Ornek will also share a “story by” credit. The movie may actually be filmed entirely in Turkish. (more…)

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