SAG Election: “Unite For Strength” Slate Makes Statement On Qualified Voting

SAG’s “Unite for Strength” slate in the upcoming SAG election  issued the following the statement regarding the matter of affected member voting:

“We came together under the Unite for Strength banner to run for the SAG Board of Directors to accomplish one goal above all others – unify SAG and AFTRA to give actors more power at the bargaining table. However, Membership First has attempted to mislead members about our intentions by suggesting that we seek to strip some members of their union voting rights, including the right to vote in elections such as this one.

“This suggestion is absolutely false. Earlier this year, prior to the rupture of the longstanding joint negotiating agreement between SAG and AFTRA, some of us supported a proposal to apply to the TV/Theatrical contract a principle already used with other SAG contracts. This would have limited ratification voting to those members with at least minimal experience working under the contract. Contrary to what Membership First is telling members, the proposal would not have limited the ability of any member to participate in elections to select Guild leaders or in strike authorization votes.

“Moreover, we have repeatedly stated that affected member voting is not part of the Unite for Strength platform or a goal of the slate. Regardless of the merits, it is a non-issue in this election – and Membership First knows that.

“Because our unions no longer have a functional partnership, our goal is clear. In order to remove any doubt about our intentions and to focus attention on the real issue in this election – whether SAG should seek unification with AFTRA or continue fighting them – we offer the following pledge: We will take no action as members of the SAG Board of Directors to take away any member’s right to vote on SAG contracts or any other SAG matter.

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