OSCARS: Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention For ‘Gravity’ Cinematographer

Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki has been recognized with Oscar nominations five times before for his work as cinematographer – from Terrence Malick’s Tree Of Life and The New World to Tim Burton’s dark and edgy The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow — but it is this year’s nomination on Gravity that holds a special place for him. “All the movies are very hard, but the difference was that for this movie, we were challenged to do something that we had never done before,” he said. “There was no manual. We had to write our own manual day by day.” Gravity, Lubezki’s 10th film collaboration with director Alfonso Cuaron (the two have worked on many TV projects together), marked the first time in his long career that he was working with a CG world. Facing the unique challenge of lighting and framing a virtual world and integrating it seamlessly with live action, Lubezki realized that he would have to create his own tools and build his own equipment and gear. “You could not go to a place and just rent the equipment,” he said. “And then after you built it, you only had one of each piece of equipment, which made it very scary. It was all very delicate.”

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