The History Of Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man:’ Troubled Wife Beater, Creator Of Avengers And Ultron; Maybe Marvel Is On To Something?

antmEven though Comic-Con god Edgar Wright is directing, and Paul Rudd set as Scott Lang and Michael Douglas playing Hank Pym, Marvel StudiosAnt-Man movie still has me wondering if a guy capable of shrinking and communicating with insects warrants a movie franchise — especially with Rudd, who is so identified with comedy. The folks at have helpfully sent me an Ant-Man primer, featuring the character’s various incarnations from the Marvel comics. From what I observed, the Pym version is a certifiable basket case, a complicated dude with inadequacy problems, a temper, and penchant for hitting women. And the Hank Pym version of the character, in helmet and costume, looks vaguely phallic. I remain unconvinced. What do you think?

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