Viacom To Launch Customized Kids’ TV Channel: WSJ

This sounds like it could be a parents’ dream-come-true. Viacom is planning to launch a new TV channel for kids that can be customized according to parents’ tastes and combines both scheduled programming and on-demand options, such as Netflix, the Wall Street Journal reports. My Nickelodeon Jr will be available first on Verizon’s FIOS service, but Viacom plans to bring it to other pay-TV cable operators in the near future, according to the Journal. Parents will be able to personalize the content by choosing their preference for seven themes such as “word play,” “super-sonic science,” and “get creative.” Based on those preferences, My Nick Jr. will choose content to air from hundreds of episodes in the Nick Jr. library. Children can weigh in by clicking on smile or frown icons, and the service will tweak the programming lineup accordingly. It’s similar to the thumbs-up and thumbs-down rating system used by Pandora and other music services to personalize streaming stations. Parents also can get reports on what their children watch and can program the channel to shut off after a set period. The premium channel will have no ads, according to the Journal.

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