Cinemark Extends CEO Tim Warner’s Contract To 2016

The new arrangement replaces the contract from 2012, when Tim Warner replaced Alan Stock after he retired. That deal was set to expire in April but was subject to a one-year extension. With the new agreement, Cinemark “will continue to benefit from [Warner’s] global growth and management experience,” Chairman Lee Roy Mitchell says. The exhibition chain also seemed to anoint Robert Copple as heir apparant,  promoting him to President and Chief Operating Officer from CFO. In the new job, Warner says, Copple “will remain engaged in the day-to-day operations of the company and will be more available to help execute global strategic initiatives. Specifically, Robert will direct the efforts of our domestic company’s senior management team, while working more directly and on a broader basis with Valmir Fernandes, President of Cinemark International, on strategic initiatives such as FLIX Media and alternative content.”

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