TCA: ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Expert Says Fans Emptying Wallets For TV Series Sets, Props

Among the ancillary markets for producers of TV series with rabid followings: selling props and scraps of sets to fans. “It was not surprising to me Sony sold off a number of Breaking Bad props, and they did really well,” appraiser Laura Woolley told surprised TV critics during PBS‘ Q&A for Antiques Roadshow at Winter TV Press Tour 2014. “Some are stunned at how quickly markets have developed for some of these shows,”she said, when TV critics in the room seemed just that. Woolley added that many people assume  it’s only “vintage Hollywood” were the real money is, but the market has changed radically during the past few years. “Fans are ready to get their hands on stuff the minute a show wraps — anything that has a cult following on television. … If it’s big at Comic-Con, there’s a big market for props.”

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