Warner Bros Pushes Superman-Batman Movie To 2016

UPDATED: The studio’s new release date of May 6, 2016 is almost a year after the Superman-Batman movie’s original date and might sound familiar: it is the same weekend as an untitled Marvel movie, setting up a superhero showdown. It will now bow on Mother’s Day weekend and is playing chicken with Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse, which comes only a week after. Talk about a monster chasing your tail end. As it stands now, it will be Superman-Batman, X-Men the following weekend, and followed quickly by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 from Sony. Something’s will give eventually, otherwise they will cannibalize each other. A studio executive discounted a rumor circulating that actor Ben Affleck (who is playing Batman) hurt his leg and that was the reason for the delay. “We just want to do it right and need the time,” he said. Warner Bros is giving the old Superman-Batman date to Pan, which was to be released June 26, 2015, thereby keeping it away from being sandwiched between Fox’s Fantastic Four and Paramount’s Terminator. It also takes Pan off the the same date as Ted 2 from Universal to go to more comfortable grounds at the moment … because, as we know … the jockeying won’t end for months and studios are flush with remakes and sequels in 2015, unlike anything the industry has ever seen in its history.

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