Aereo To Launch Next Week In Cincinnati

Aereo‘s new market announcements have served two purposes thus far. They’ve told consumers when they’ll be able to subscribe to the streaming video service. And they’ve put local lawyers and judges on notice that broadcasters might swoop in to raise their copyright infringement arguments in yet another regional venue. We’ll see whether this instance is different now that the U.S. Supreme Court has said that it will weigh the matter. (Aereo says it merely leases consumers the antennas and other technologies they can already use to watch broadcast TV for free.) In any case, Aereo has set January 21 as the date when it will throw the switch to serve the Greater Cincinnati area which includes 24 counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Subscribers who pay at least $8 a month will receive  30 over-the-air channels with all of the usual suspect network affiliates plus special interest channels RetroTV, MeTV, BounceTV, TuffTV, WCPO Weather, Create and ThisTV. They also can add Bloomberg Television. Streams will work on computers, mobile devices that run Apple’s iOS, Android (version 4.1 or higher), and Apple TV and Roku.

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