TCA: Cast Losing Sleep Over Fox’s ‘The Following’

LisaColumnThe cast of Fox‘s grisly serial-killer series The Following came to TCA to plug the show’s second season, starting this Sunday. During the Q&A, the actors confessed that the work caused them difficulty ranging from trouble sleeping to nightmares to Ambien-induced hallucinations, owing to the subject matter. The actresses on the panel, however, largely brushed off any such suggestion,  illustrating maybe how women working in this industry are taught to dress sexy but talk tough?

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Show creator Kevin Williamson, on the other hand, sees the show as his “midlife crisis being vomited up every week.” In this age of technology, he said — noting he was speaking to a hotel ballroom jammed with TV critics manically typing all day long on their Macs  —  “we’re all so lost” and “have such vacant existences.”  The Following, he continued, is about trying to connect, and “if I have to stab someone 20 times to do that, I might just do it.

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“We live in such a dangerous, sick, twisted time,” Williamson continued, lowering morale in the room — never very high by Day 5 of any press tour — by a good 15%. “This is my wandering, my musing. … I’m sure I’m on a hit list somewhere.” He added that he recently read a study in which it had been determined that psychopaths feel empathy. “Even our psychopaths are evolving,” Williamson said glumly. “This is the new world that we live in. Welcome to us.”

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