Showbiz $$$ Bundlers For Obama/McCain

Forgetting all that Paris Hilton/Britney Spears political nonsense, it’s also that time every four years when Hollywood comes under scrutiny for its mega-fundraising on behalf of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. The Wall Street Journal today identifies the political “bundlers” who have each raised at least $500,000 from relatives, associates and employees for the campaigns of Barack Obama or John McCain. Needless to say, several of the 98 names are well-known in entertainment. According to WSJ research: Obama’s bundlers include Charlie Rivkin, the LA-based CEO of Wild Brain Inc; David Geffen, the billionaire investor and bicoastal DreamWorks partner; Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation; Nicole Avant, the LA-based music publisher of Interior Music. That’s it. Yes, I, too, was surprised there weren’t more Hollywood names on the list. For McCain, there’s Jerry Perenchio, the LA-based billionaire investor and chairman of Chartwell Partners; Greg Maffei, the Colorado-based prez/CEO of Liberty Media; and Terry Lanni, the Las Vegas-based chairman of the MGM Mirage. Also, according to Federal Election Commission data as of July 28th, Obama has received $4.7 million in donations and McCain $815K from the TV/movie/music industry — not a leading sector donation-wise for either candidate.

Obama Hardly A “Hollywood Candidate” — And Not Necessarily Sumner Redstone’s

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