'Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D' Gets IMAX Boost

Today’s opening of ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D‘ will get a boost as the film opens on 164 digital IMAX screens domestically for a 2-week run, and another 24 IMAX screens internationally. Of its 3203-screen weekend run, pic is on 2062 3D-capable screens in U.S. The film’s writer/director, Paul W.S. Anderson wrote¬†all four, directed the first and fourth, and produced them with Jeremy Bolt. But it’s worth noting that, between this franchise and Mortal Kombat and Alien Vs. Predator, who has a better track record than Anderson for turning video games into successful films? Anderson shot this new film in 3D using the Vince Pace cameras that were employed to shoot Avatar. It was a warm up for The Three Musketeers, which he is shooting 3D in Germany for Summit Entertainment and Constantin.

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