CABLE RATINGS RAT RACE: Disappointing Start For New FX Drama 'Terriers'

A day after FX’sĀ Sons of Anarchy returned with 4.13 million viewers, the network’s new drama Terriers debuted with 1.6 million total viewers last night, 659,000 of them in the adults 18-49 demographic. This marks the lowest-rated drama series debut for FX, which was surprising given the show’s pedigree (it hails from The Shield creator Shawn Ryan and Ocean’s Eleven writer Ted Griffin, mostly positive reviews and extensive marketing campaign (though I have to admit I didn’t care much for the snarling dog, the title of the show was confusing enough). FX is not giving up on the new series though. To help Terriers get traction, the network will rebroadcast the premiere episode after Sons of Anarchy next Tuesday.

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