Hey, Harry Sloan, Show Us MGM's Money

I was out all day during which MGM released its announcement that Harry Sloan has signed a new 3-year deal to continue as the studio’s chairman/CEO. Sloan, who joined the studio in 2005, said: “To create another page in the storied history of MGM is the most exciting challenge I’ve had in my career. With the support of the MGM Board, we’ve been able to make significant progress and I believe the next three years will be a testament to the power, passion and creative vision of our new management team. I look forward to working with the members of the MGM Board to deliver on MGM’s promise and its future expansion plans.” But I’d much rather know exactly where MGM’s money is coming from to, as it says, “rebuild the studio as a full fledged production and distribution operation”. Guess I’m just funny that way.

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