Sherry Lansing Pledges To Write “Scrupulously Honest” Memoir

So the first thing I asked Sherry Lansing today is: Are you going to tell the truth? Because she’s signed to write a memoir with Crown’s Harmony Books in a deal negotiated by her agent Lynn Nesbit. When I reached her by phone in Munich, Germany, where her husband Billy Friedkin is directing an opera, Lansing appeared shocked that word of the book leaked out. She said: “I am going to be scrupulously honest. Because there’s no point doing it, otherwise. Also, all of the money I receive from the book is going to cancer research.” Which might be a tidy sum since the word is she’s receiving a cool $1 mil to do it. Sherry won’t confirm or deny that figure, but she does say the deal is contingent on her finding a writer to do it with her. “I’m not writing it myself. It’ll be an ‘as told to’ book,” she said. It’ll cover her entire life, she emphasizes, including her pre-Hollywood days. Recently she spoke about her life for Arianna Huffington’s new book, Fearless. (Ex-Mogul Sherry Lansing: Happy At Last) Still, I’m skeptical if Lansing, for so many years the very model of diplomacy in this town, can ever bring herself to tell the unvarnished truth about all the rat bastards at Fox and Paramount and elsewhere she’s worked for and with. Too many Hollywood players have written books that don’t dish the real dirt. (Dawn Steel, Mike Medavoy, et al.) In fact, I spoke to a close friend of Lansing’s today who couldn’t believe she made the deal because publishers had approached her starting six months ago and she was uncomfortable with the idea. But today Sherry pledged: “I want to be self-critical and go deep.” C’mon, girl, spill!

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