John Miller Leaves CBS News To Rejoin NYPD Commissioner William Bratton

CBS News correspondent John Miller just announced on WCBS-TV New York that he is going towork for incoming NYPD Commissioner William Bratton. The two worked together when Bratton was NYPD commissioner in the mid-’90s and again when Bratton was LA’s commissioner, with Miller focused on terrorism preparedness. The news comes just days after some TV-news navel lint pickers scolded Miller over his 60 Minutes report on the NSA — the New York Times calling it “a friendly infomercial for the agency.” Miller is a former FBI official who worked with NSA;  some critics said he should have stayed away from the story because of that. Miller responded to the criticism, to the NYT, saying, “As we constructed it, the NSA was a story about a debate, not a villain, and we added to that debate with important information. I fail to understand how a shrill argument for the sake of creating televised drama would have accomplished anything.” A CBS News rep said today in a statement: “John Miller is a remarkable journalist with deep insight into law enforcement. He has been invaluable to the CBS News family. We wish him well in his quest to help make the City of New York a safer place as part of the NYPD. John will always have a home at CBS News.” Here’s CBS News’ announcement of Miller’s new job, via WCBS:


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