Ovitz And Burkle Settle Their Lawsuits

When I last left this litigious twosome, a judge had just dismissed billionaire Ron Burkle’s lawsuit against Michael Ovitz after ruling that the duo had been more friends than business partners on some Internet ventures. Which gives new meaning to the term “frenemies” considering the pair absolutely and positively loathe each other now. But Ovitz being Ovitz, the Hollywood has-been pressed on with his multimillion-dollar countersuit against Burkle seemingly to punish the supermarket magnate for dragging him into court in the first place. (Hey, what else has Mike got to do? Not much, especially after the Pellicano trial. Unless you count trying to peddle his last remaining client Tom Clancy around the world. And that takes, what, two minutes a week?) Ovitz was pissed he had paid all those fat legal fees defending himself. But the scheduled August 4th trial would have cost him even more billable hours. So last weekend Ovitz and Burkle came to an agreement whereby Ovitz dropped his countersuit, Burkle dropped his appeal, and the last 3 years of litigation ended.

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