Former ‘X Factor’ Judge Cheryl Cole Settles Legal Dispute With Producers

A little over a year ago, erstwhile X Factor judge Cheryl Cole sued producers Blue Orbit Productions for more than $2.3M. The case has now been settled out of court, with producers paying an undisclosed sum to the pop star, the BBC reported today. A spokesperson for Cole tells Deadline, “Cheryl’s dispute with Blue Orbit has been resolved amicably.” Cole was a three-time judge on The X Factor UK before being imported by Simon Cowell to serve as judge for the debut season of the American version in 2011. Amid much drama that summer, however, she was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger before the show went to air. In her suit, Cole claimed she was owed money under a pay or play contract. Cole had been paid $1.8M for Season 1 of the U.S. X Factor, but was seeking money for Season Two. Cole’s teams twice won the X Factor UK and Cowell told Britain’s Metro newspaper last week that the two had “patched up our differences a long time ago… I think both of us would like the idea of working together again.” He also praised her judging ability, “She was a great judge… and she knows what she’s talking about.” The X Factor UK was recently renewed for three years on ITV while the U.S. version has been faring poorly this season.

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