‘SNL’ Goes Gaga: ‘Training Day’ Monologue, Lady Gaga 2063: Video

NYC native Lady Gaga played to a hometown crowd when she hosted Saturday Night Live as both emcee and musical act (with the bumping ‘n’ grinding help of R. Kelly). We already knew she had a flair for theatrics. Saturday night, Gaga also showed off her comic chops in a number of sketches – as the Apple Store Genius stuck on Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s talk show, as an overly enthusiastic dance mom, and executing the neat trick job of dropping Denzel Washington‘s Training Day monologue sans f-bombs and in character as a tween child thespian. The ARTPOPper wasn’t afraid of taking shots at her own persona throughout the show, but the self-deprecation culminated in the penultimate sketch in which Gaga played herself aged 77, still hungry for fame, in “Upper West Side 2063.” Did Gaga earn her applause Saturday night?

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