“I’m old news,” deadpanned John Lithgow, who won the Guest Star in a Drama Series Emmy category for his stint on the Showtime drama Dexter. He found out he’d won at the Creative Emmys last week. “I’m loose as a goose. I found out this is the way to win an Emmy: win early.” Asked about his Dexter character Trinity, Lithgow said he loved playing him (“He was like a different character every week”), but wouldn’t miss him. “No, my character needed to die, no doubt about that.” Given his five Emmys, including 3 for the NBC comedy 3rd Rock from the Sun, one would think Lithgow is a prime target for TV series offers. “I’m not offered as much you would think or I would like,” he said. Lithgow also gave  a shout-out to President Barack Obama. “He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders,” Lithgow said. “His approval numbers may have fallen but not in my book. I’m huge supporter of his.”

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2010/08/john-lithgow-my-character-needed-to-die-63683/