UPDATE: R2-D2 Confirmed For New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

UPDATE, 1:20 PM: He wasn’t just hanging around posing after all. Disney confirmed today that R2-D2 will be in Star Wars: Episode VII. A staple of every Star Wars pic, the little droid “will indeed be in the film”, the company said online Tuesday. This is the first character from the previous Star Wars films that we know for sure is returning for the J.J. Abrams-directed movie. Episode VII, the first of three new Star Wars movies, is set to hit the big screen in December 2015.

PREVIOUSLY, NOV. 14: First Disney finally announces a release date for Star Wars: Episode VII, now a week later we get the first photo of the production. Guess the filmmakers don’t have to worry about divulging any top-secret plot details via this so-so-natural shot that Bad Robot tweeted today with the caption, “Hi from the workshop!” Apparently this is the droid they’re looking for.

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