Hot Spec: ‘The Politician’, Bad Santa As D.C. Pol

The hot spec script du jour is The Politician, a hard R-rated comedy by Matt Bass and Theodore Bressman. They are ex-assistants to Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and their former bosses are attached to produce with Mark Gordon. I’m hearing that Paramount and Sony are battling it out right now and that the bidding is getting into the high six figures, with WME and Circle of Confusion’s Julian Rosenberg selling it. This spec could get close to seven figures; right now Paramount may have the edge. There is a timely concept here, given the recent publicity about the Toronto mayor getting caught in a crack smoking scandal. Here, the title character starts off in a raucous encounter with hookers and it gets worse from there in what is described to me as Bad Santa, if that character was a D.C. politician. Will tell you more when I know it.

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