For Jerry Bruckheimer, Is Next Stop Paramount Or Warner Bros?

While he is under contract to Disney until next year, it looks like producer Jerry Bruckheimer‘s next home is going to be either Warner Bros or Paramount. Both studios are vying hard for the producer to come to their lot and ramp up tent poles, and a decision is coming soon. His exit from Disney came after the pricey disappointment The Lone Ranger. While that left a bitter taste, you can’t argue that Bruckheimer is one of the few brand names in the non-writing producer category. When he takes a big swing and connects, the result often leads to franchises that are such high commodities these days. At Disney, these included Pirates Of The Caribbean, and National Treasure. His deal is about the most expensive in the business, with generous overhead, 7-figure producing fees and gross. Bruckheimer already has his TV deal at Warner Bros, and that studio could use a guy like Bruckheimer as it carves out its new identity under Greg Silverman and Sue Kroll, in the wake of the exit of Jeff Robinov and Thomas Tull’s Legendary Pictures. Paramount has the prolific Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian, but could also use another event film generator. And of course, Bruckheimer and his late former partner Don Simpson had an illustrious run at that studio long ago. Stay tuned.

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