Jon Stewart Embraces CNN ‘New Day’s Couch Sponsorship News-portunity

Jon Stewart last night discovered/fell in love with CNN’s New Day Couch Sponsorship News-portunity, in which advertisers sponsor the morning show’s co-hosts as they walk from their desk to their couch. After fantasizing about the brainstorming session that produced the Couch Walk, headed by CNN chief Jeff Zucker  (the guy who came up with “supersizing” for NBC’s primetime when he took over that network’s Entertainment, which kept that network in first place in the demo for a couple seasons, and allowed it to sell an extra ad break at Friends rates, while failing to develop the next Friends) including:  

Walk to Couch
Baby Reporters
When Cats Tweet
Hot Thing/Cold Thing
Blitzer Kissing Booth
Cartoon Robot Sidekicks
Smell the News
All-Hologram Syria Coverage

Stewart announced The Daily Show was going to be rolling out sponsorship opportunities of its own, including:

Bemused Look
Vaguely Justified Scatalogical Metaphor
Jon Stewart Crumpled His Script In Disgust.

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