Ted Sarandos Responds To NATO Beef, Zings Studios: Clinging To Old Models Promotes Piracy

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos kicked off his quickfire Bloomberg and Tribeca Film Festival Business of Entertainment breakfast by defending his recent back and forth with theater owners. “I wasn’t calling for day and date with Netflix. I was just calling to move all the windows up to get closer to what the consumer wants,” Sarandos said of his incendiary October 26 speech that riled up theater owners. “I think there’s a better business in giving people what they want than creating artificial distance between the product and the consumer.” A week after accusing theater owners of killing the movie business with inflexible theatrical windows, Sarandos maintains his position that what’s good for the consumer is good for the film and TV industry. NATO CEO John Fithian hit back at Sarandos, accusing Netflix of only looking out for Netflix at the expense of the film industry, but “[Fithian] and I don’t have uncommon ground,” Sarandos told me. If Netflix starts producing original features suited for theatrical exhibition “we of course would seek screens, for more choice.”

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