Dimension's 'Piranha 3D' To Be Sequelized

Dimension Films has put toothy fish back on the menu.¬† Inexplicably, a sequel’s coming for Piranha 3D, after it only grossed $10 million opening weekend. The Alexandre Aja-directed film was produced by Mark Canton. Whoever didn’t end up eaten is eligible to reprise.

Actually, Canton said that even those actors turned into chum are asking¬† to take a mulligan and get in the sequel. “We had such a good time that even those cast members who ended up dead want to be in the sequel,” he told Deadline. “We’ll have to figure out how that could work. For us, the way the film held up and then opened strong in England showed that there is room for a real 3D popcorn picture. There’s a fan base that’s growing and it is establishing itself as a fun movie where people are laughing and having fun.” Canton said they are working out who among the creative team will return and it sounded like it’s Aja’s sequel to direct if he wants it.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2010/08/piranha-3d-to-be-sequelized-62611/