Warner Bros and Paramount In Tandem On 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'

Warner Bros and Paramount are getting closer on a co-production of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the Eric Roth-scripted adaptation of the Jonathan Safran Foer novel that director Stephen Daldry and producer Scott Rudin have been working on for the last half decade. Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks have been circling the project, a lot of journalists knew it but agreed to wait, and then somebody ran it. Oh, well. The film is not just Paramount, as was reported. Warner Bros has been the lead studio on the project, and now they and Paramount are figuring it out together. I’m told and they are in the process of making offers to talent. The book is about a bright 9-year old whose father is killed on 9/11. He finds a key left behind by his father and goes on a mission to figure out what it unlocks. The novel was a literary sensation when it was published and not the easiest film adaptation, which is why it has taken so long. But it is superb subject matter for Bullock to potentially make her first project since winning the Oscar for The Blind Side.

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