Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt Reflects On 41 Years At An Industry That Fulfilled His Dreams

Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt’s popularly seen as a cerebral numbers guy. But he showed his heart as well this morning in his company’s Q3 earnings call with analysts. It’s his last, as he plans to retire at year end, turning the top job over to COO Rob Marcus. Britt also disclosed this week that he has cancer. He used the opportunity today to say farewell to the investment community and reflect on some lessons he has learned in his 41 years in the cable business. He covered a lot of ground; I’ve posted his entire remarks below. He says that he was attracted to cable after graduating from business school in 1972 because “I thought it represented a new industry with new technology that had a chance to challenge old incumbent ways and transform the media and communications industries by adding to entertainment choices and the diversity of voices in the public policy debates that are so important to our form of government.” Although “the odds of pulling it off were slim” he says that he was  “young and like many others took a chance.” And “by any measure, this industry has fulfilled those dreams.” Several of Wall Street’s toughest analysts were clearly choked up as they pressed on with their questions about TWC’s income statement, and strategy. I was too, having covered Britt since Time and Warner were separate companies. Whatever you think about the company or cable — they’re controversial, I know — Britt is the industry’s statesman. He’s a straight-shooter who loves what he does, stands up for his beliefs, feels a sense of public mission, and never seemed bothered by tough questions. I wish him well.

Here are Britt’s reflections:

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