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HOLLYWOOD – July 3, 2008 – This Independence Day, Strike.TV sets sail with a new online Network that gives total freedom to it’s creators. Strike.TV was conceived by the professional communities of Hollywood and birthed during a year of hard times in the film and television industry. Sparked in large part by the recent labor disputes and fueled by the desires of professional story-tellers to do what they do best, Strike.TV is delivering upon promises that they made during the darkest days of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike in December 2007.

Strike.TV challenged their WGA peers to go out and do what they do best and asked them to create original pieces of entertainment for the Internet, and in return promised to do three things:

Strike.TV’s first promise was to build and launch a 21st century social network for WGA writers and their creative counterparts around the world. Not just writers, but also directors, actors, and all of the other crafts and crew that create and contribute to a modern production. The first working meeting attracted over 400 pioneers who wanted to create during a time of turmoil. This working meeting was covered by The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and over 70 formal proposals were received. Through its online social network and community Strike.TV guided 40 projects into development with many more coming in following the strike. Strike.TV continues to incubate the creations of this thriving community, while aiding in the development, delivery and eventual distribution of each.

The second promise was to assemble the best partners and technologies into a cutting edge broadband video distribution platform. One that supports HD quality streaming and downloads. One that allows friends and family to share the content through social networks, blogs, iPhones, iPods and other digital devices.

The third promise was to demonstrate that it was possible for Hollywood professionals to coexist and flourish with the studio system that has supported them for so long while bringing their talents to an emerging medium and doing so in a way that helps everyone. Strike.TV chose to be on the forefront as the industry goes through the necessary changes that inevitably arise with any new technology. Every industry and economy is impacted by change. And change is sometimes painful or difficult.Strike.TV was conceived during the Writers Strike, and their most important goal has been to help the very people harmed by that strike – the below the line crew members – by giving the profits made from advertising revenue to a charity that benefits them. This was one of the reasons so many people stepped up and donated their time, energy and talent to Strike.TV.

In the continuing spirit of solidarity, Strike.TV is donating the first three months of advertising revenue from projects to the Entertainment Assistance Program of The Actors Fund, which assists film and television crew members affected by the work stoppage. In a typical year, the Entertainment Assistance Program (EAP) distributes around $200,000. Since the writers strike, and with the tenuous ongoing negotiations between SAG and the AMPTP, this year the EAP has distributed over $1.3 million to below the line industry professionals in need.

Ultimately, the true strength of the Strike.TV Network comes not from any one of these promises, but from the collective power of the artists themselves. Nothing engages an audience like a story told by someone who knows how, and never before have this many professional Hollywood creators come together en masse on the Internet to tell their stories. Stories they can spin the way their imaginations take them, just as they have in books, in theaters, in radio plays, movies, television and now, on the web at

The following is a sample of contributed work that will premiere on Strike.TV…

Global Warming
Writers – Rob Kutner
Director – Mike Shapiro
Producer – Jim Juvonen
Cast – Kristen Wiig, Aasif Mandvi

House Poor
Show creator – Lester Lewis

Unknown Sender
Writer/Director – Steven E. de Souza
Cast – Timothy Dalton, Joanne Whalley

Five Or Die
Writer/Director – Tom Holland
Cast – Kevin Daniels, Brandon Fobbs, James Snyder, Madeline Zima

Life In General
Writer – Karen Harris
Cast – JoBeth Williams, Arianne Zucker, Brinn Thayer, Robert Desidario

The Challenge
Writer – Lloyd Garver
Cast – Bob Newhart

Daryl From OnCar
Writer – Ron Corcillo
Cast – Bob Clendenin

John’s Hand
Writer – Catherine Butterfield
Cast – Garrett Dillahunt, Kali Rocha, Marin Hinkle

Writer – Ken Lazebnik

Side Effects
Writer/Director – Chuck Rose
Cast – Arye Gross, AmandaTepe
Writer/Director – Jeanne Rosenberg

Smartest Man In The World (game show)
Writer/Star – Rick Rosner

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