'American Idol' Deal Done For Steven Tyler

I’ve just confirmed from sources close to the singer that the “deal is done” for Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler to be one of the new judges despite having very little TV experience. He has played himself on a few tube episodes (Two And A Half Men and Lizzie McGuire) and been a presenter on countless music awards shows. So there’s no indication what kind of judge he would make. But music industry types I’ve spoken with stress that performers like Tyler often have a hard time openly criticizing other performers, especially up-and-comers. They find it hard to imagine he’ll fill the Simon Cowell “cruel to be kind” role on the show. As things stand now, Tyler will be  joining Jennifer Lopez on American Idol next season. Nigel Lythgoe a few days ago denied unconfirmed reports circulating that J-Lo may lose the job because of diva demands after she was offered the gig and accepted it. Fox et al would have to be idiots not to realize that asking J-Lo onto the show would mean inviting an entourage in tow. Meanwhile, Michael Ferrel, the new CEO of the American Idol producer CKX, said Fox expects to announce the replacement judges shortly after Labor Day on September 6th. Meanwhile, CKX still has no new deal for the 10th season of the show and negotiations between its 19 Entertainment with Fox and Fremantle are continuing. It expects Fox to renew its American Idol deal by the end of Q4 or early 2011 at the latest. “It would almost be impossible that Fox wouldn’t want American Idol for its next season,” CFO Thomas Benson told investors.

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