Big Actor vs Big Actor SAG-AFTRA Inanity


For days and weeks and now minutes ago, I’ve been bombarded with lists of name actors who are supporting either AFTRA’s AMPTP contract ratification or else SAG’s effort to get AFTRA to renegotiate. (Seriously, is someone going to choose how to vote just because AFTRA paraded Tom Hanks and Sally Field or SAG trotted out Jack Nicholson and Holly Hunter?) Then there are the letters, the membership emails, and all the other nasty missives back and forth between the union heads, most of which I’ve decided against posting for now. I’m sick of it, truly sick of it. This is not news. This is meaningless spin. There’s a reason I am sitting out these propaganda games underway between AFTRA and SAG — because only the AMPTP wins. What I am doing is putting the final touches on a SAG/AFTRA/AMPTP package of urgent news and information that Hollywood needs to absorb. For those who are impatient for the posts, please understand that they represent a lot of research and analysis and fact-checking. Just know I’m working around-the-clock. My goal is the same since the start of all these guild negotiations: to chronicle how Hollywood talent collectively bargains in the face of impossible odds since a handful of Big Media moguls control the movie and TV business and hold all the power.

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